Brickfilming Events - BFG Animation Festival Awards Show is Live

May 26, 2013 by Administrator (Big Monkey)   Comments (0)

The results for the 2012 Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival have been announced.  Watch the Awards Show on thefourmonkeys' Classic Channel.  There were over 13 hours of festival entries to judge and 30+ minute script condensed to 18 minutes.

Honorable Mention Categories:

Best Foreign Language  Bestia - Trailer by France&Alex

Halloween Happy Halloween! by SeanDoubleJ

Harry Potter Brickfilms Lego Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Part 3 by JimA73 

Star Wars LEGO Star Wars - Fox of the 501st by ZachFBStudios

Public Service Announcement PSA: Vote by PackratProductions3

Music Video Free Fish by The Koobiacs (lego music video) by France&Alex

Holiday Brickfilms The Christmas Tree by CrazyEdChannel

Superhero Brickfilms LEGO Avengers by pe668

Video Game Lego MW3 - The Good, The Bad, and The Noob by Bionicle28

Best Trailers The Squire and the Scroll Trailer #1 by TheBuilderBrothers

Sports The End of Sports by NightlyNewsatNine

Brickfilmer’s Guild Brickfilmer of the Year 2012  Bionicle28

Main (Prize Winning) Categories:

BEST SCREENPLAY The Call of Farqunglu by Bionicle28

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY LEGO Indiana Jones and the Mystical Gemstone by kd2apoof

BEST ANIMATION The Machine by SuburbAnimationStudios

BEST SOUND EFFECTS LEGO Star Wars - Fox of the 501st by ZachFBStudios

BEST VOICE ACTING Mad Minifigs: The Dish Situation by ZachMG

Best Entry That Included the BFG Logo The Shrouded Past by JohnDthunDer

BFG MEMBER CHOICE The Machine by SuburbAnimationStudios 

BEST BRICKFILM The Duel (LEGO) by namchild

The Best Brickfilm with the BFG Logo will receive a Brick Tripod from the Brickfilmer’s Guild Shop and a BrixStix Mod Zombie Stix.

The Best Brickfilm Grand Prize winner will receive collection of Brick Warriors accessories, a $50.00 Lego gift card, and some other cool prizes.

The festival was sponsored by Brick Warriors, Brickstix, BrickFlix, Nightly News at Nine, Spencer Olson Films, and thefourmonkeys.

Congratulations to all of the amazing winners and thanks to all who entered!!!! @(◠‿◠)@